Transversal Activities

Outside the Network:

The research is conducted in collaboration with other funded projects and research groups:

Ancient and Modern Languages of South Arabia, ANR-19-CE27-0025-01

The ALMAS research project (funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, 2020-2024) gathers Semitists, Arabists, epigraphists, and linguists working on Modern South Arabian languages at the crossroad of several disciplines (phonology, morphology, phonetics, comparison).

Equipe de Recherche en Linguistique sur les LAngues de Djibouti et de la Corne de l’Afrique

The ERLLAD research group gathers linguists working on the description and the analysis of Somali and Afar.

Within the Network:

The Somali Language: series of seminars on Somali

  • Wed March 10, 10h-12h, online, Sabrina Bendjaballah (CNRS Nantes), tba
  • Tue April 13, 10h-12h, online, David Le Gac (Univ. Rouen), tba
  • Wed June 2, 10h-12h, online, Martin Orwin (Napoli l’Orientale), tba