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Areal Studies – The Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa.

WP1. Understudied & endangered languages: A case study, Modern South Arabian (coord. Sabrina Bendjaballah, CNRS LLING & Aaron Rubin, PSU)

Modern South Arabian languages are spoken in Yemen and in Oman. They represent the last remaining indigenous languages of the southern Arabian Peninsula. Modern South Arabian languages are all endangered, to varying extents, and still remain understudied. This work package relies on a group of researchers who have a solid history of collaboration, and is thus expected to significantly advance our knowledge of this language family.


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  • Three-year doctoral contract (CEFAS, ANR ALMAS) – starting date: 01/10/2020 – more information

Research stays

  • Julien Dufour (CEFREPA, ENS-Ulm), Fellow Nantes Institute of Advanced Studies, 10/2020-06/2021- more information
  • Ali Manoubi (CEFREPA, Paris 4), Nantes, 25/05-25/06/2021
  • Anton Kungl (LLING), Oman, Koweit, 1/02-1/04/2022
  • Julien Dufour (CEFREPA, ENS-Ulm) & Ali Manoubi (CEFREPA), Oman, 16/12/2022-22/01/2023


  • Anton Kungl (LLING), Morphophonologie nominale en sudarabique moderne. Nantes Université, 14/12/2023, collab. ANR ALMAS
  • Ali Manoubi (CEFREPA), Le hobyot : description grammaticale d’une langue sudarabique moderne. Sorbonne Université, 18/12/2023, collab. ANR ALMAS
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WP2. Music & language: Poetry in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Horn of Africa (coord. Julien Dufour, ENS-Ulm, Cefrepa & Martin Orwin, Napoli L’Orientale)

The Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa share a common cultural characteristic: poetry is held in high regard and represents the most prominent form of expressive culture. The members of this work package instantiate different areas of specialization: descriptive linguistics, literature, metrics, and phonetics. It is expected to shed new light on the poetry of the region, as well as on the relationship between language and music.


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  • Orwin, Martin. 2021. Ars Poetica in Somali: A comparison of ‘Uurkubbaalle’ by ‘Gaarriye’ and ‘Hal-Abuur’ by Hadraawi and what they tell us about Somali poetry, Somali Studies International Association (14th Congress), Jigjiga-online, 3/07/2021.

Research stays

  • David Le Gac (Rouen), Nantes et La-Roche-sur-Yon, 23-26/03/2022