Activities Strand 1

Areal Studies – The Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa.

WP1. Understudied & endangered languages: A case study, Modern South Arabian (coord. Sabrina Bendjaballah, CNRS LLING & Aaron Rubin, PSU)

Modern South Arabian languages are spoken in Yemen and in Oman. They represent the last remaining indigenous languages of the southern Arabian Peninsula. Modern South Arabian languages are all endangered, to varying extents, and still remain understudied. This work package relies on a group of researchers who have a solid history of collaboration, and is thus expected to significantly advance our knowledge of this language family.


  • Al Kathiri, Amir Azad Adli & Julien Dufour. 2020. The morphology of the basic verbal stems in Eastern Jibbali/Sħrɛ̄́t. JSS LXV/1: 171-222.
  • Bendjaballah, Sabrina & Aaron Rubin. 2020. The 3fs Perfect In Omani Mehri. JSS LXV/2: 511-529.


  • Kungl, Anton. 2020. Verbal Noun Formation in Mehri – General overview and selected problems (Part 1), Language and Nature in Southern Arabia, online workshop series, 16/06/2020.
  • Kungl, Anton. 2020. Verbal Noun Formation in Mehri – General overview and selected problems (Part 2), Language and Nature in Southern Arabia, online workshop series, 23/06/2020.
  • Manoubi, Ali. 2020. Le hobyot, étude d’une langue sudarabique moderne. Le Diwan de Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, CEFAS, 18/11/2020. more information


SeSaMSéminaire Sudarabique Moderne

  • Thursday February 18, 14h-16h, online: Ali Manoubi (CEFREPA), Le pluriel nominal en hobyot
  • Friday March 12, 14h-16h: Anton Kungl (LLING), The Feminine Singular Suffix(es) of Mehri Nouns
  • Tuesday April 20, 14h-16h: Sabrina Bendjaballah (LLING) & Julien Dufour (ENS-Ulm), A propos de la préformante a/h- dans les langues sudarabiques modernes
  • Tuesday June 15, 14h-16h: Radwa Fathi (LLING), tba


  • Three-year doctoral contract (Cefas, ANR ALMAS) – starting date: 01/10/2020 – more information

Research stays

  • Nantes Institute of Advanced Studies: Julien Dufour, Fellow october 2020-june 2021- more information
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WP2. Music & language: Poetry in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Horn of Africa (coord. Julien Dufour, ENS-Ulm, Cefrepa & Martin Orwin, Napoli L’Orientale)

The Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa share a common cultural characteristic: poetry is held in high regard and represents the most prominent form of expressive culture. The members of this work package instantiate different areas of specialization: descriptive linguistics, literature, metrics, and phonetics. It is expected to shed new light on the poetry of the region, as well as on the relationship between language and music.


TSLThe Somali Language (with WP3)

  • Wednesday March 10, 10h-12h, online: Sabrina Bendjaballah & Martin Haiden (LLING Nantes), The Causative of Intransitives in Somali
  • Tuesday April 13, 10h-12h, online: David Le Gac (Univ. Rouen), On Somali Prosodic Structure
  • Wednesday June 2, 10h-12h, online: Martin Orwin (Napoli l’Orientale), tba
  • Tuesday, June 22, 14h-16h, online: Giorgio Banti (Napoli l’Orientale), Sentential complements in Somali

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